7 Things Kids Will Love at Chicago

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7 Things Kids Will Love at Chicago | Chicago is indeed on of the greatest city in the world and most popular among the tourists. The recent years have seen a record visitation number in millions! After all, there is so much to do and see here. Things can be lot more fun, especially if you are traveling with your family and kids. Chicago provides amazing adventures for the whole family. In case you are planning to visit Chicago in the near future with your family, why not have a look at some of the fun things to do with your children?

There are plenty of kid-friendly places and fun events among those towering skyscrapers and jam-packed streets in Chicago. Here are the best seven picks for your list:

1. The Field Museum

This is the only Chicago museum that includes natural science and culture both. Watch your children stand in amazement as they see life-sized dioramas of the earth before dinosaurs or view authentic animal specimens through magnifying glasses. They’ll feel like real scientists after a trip to the Field Museum.

2. Emerald City Theatre

Emerald City Theatre boasts of great theater productions, especially for the kids. Just check out the schedule and learn about the ongoing performances that are sure to delight the young ones as they see their favorite storybooks coming alive in classic musicals and original plays.

3. The Shedd Aquarium

See the fishes in the Shedd Aquarium that boasts of more than 500 species and 32,000 animals. Do not miss the aquatic show with dolphins, sea otters, and whales or the seasonal stingray exhibit. Get online tickets for the “total experience pass, ” and entry is free for younger kids.

4. Judy Istok Butterfly Haven

Watch the butterflies in the Judy Istok Butterfly Haven, and here you will come across butterflies from all over the world, Watch them fluttering freely amongst flowers and small ponds. Be there at sharp 2:00 p.m. to not to miss the new butterflies getting released.

5. Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

Ride on a Ferris Wheel and take a spin on the iconic Wheel, which is very close to the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, and Children’s Museum. Watch the city from birds; eyes view along with your children.

6. Lincoln Park Zoo

Take your kids on a mini-safari in the Lincoln Park Zoo. They can watch lions and tigers roaming the zoo or listen to birds in the tropical rainforest. Visit the numerous primate rooms, to get closer to nature and its animals. Families with children ages 5-12 can camp out at the zoo overnight and can see those animals in the late hours.

7. Millennium Park

Stroll through the Millennium Park and let your kids do whatever they want. Watch then splash in the fountains or go for ice skating. Get a breather here and take some rest as you plan your next adventure in Chicago.

Chicago is the place to be for parents and kids as the city is full of fun spots. Enjoy some great food venues and spend quality time with your family! – USA TRAVEL LIGHT


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