Top 5 Amazing Nature Places in Illinois

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Top 5 Amazing Nature Places in Illinois | Illinois is famous for many reasons. After all, the state boasts of an amazing history as well as impressive natural wonders. Some of those nature spots in Illinois will make one wonder if they are really awake or in a dreamland. You will come across some of the most vibrant and unique natural surroundings here in the state. It could be historic structures, flooded forests, waterfalls, flooded and much more. Why not browse for some of the most popular scenic spots in Illinois?

1. Burden Falls

The Burden Falls make for the most beautiful sight in America. Located in Pope County, they may be very small when compared to other bigger and great waterfalls of the country, nevertheless, the 20-foot waterfall is the tallest in the state. Explore the wilderness around end enjoy bird watching, hunting, and fishing. There are several hiking trails through the forest and enjoy a captivating experience.

2. Rockford

Rockford is often ignored, but the third largest city is worth a visit. After all, it is filled and surrounded by nature. The Anderson Japanese Gardens and farm-to-table restaurant are a must visit. Do not miss the chance to experience the city’s history and make a visit to the Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens as well as the Midway Village Museum.

3. Shawnee National Forest

Shawnee National Forest is spread across 280,000 acres of wilderness. The national forest contains an ample amount of attractions, and there are attractions Landmarks, sites and ecological areas listed in the forest. You will come across more than eighty additional natural areas, botanical areas and geological areas.

4. Starved Rock State Park

Starved Rock State Park is a must-visit, especially for the nature lovers. It is certainly one of the most unique natural destinations. Explore the park which is home to canyons, hiking trails, sandstone overhangs, waterfalls, and bluffs. The abundance of wildlife will keep you captivated. Camping is available, and you can look forward to a wonderful weekend getaway in the Rock State Park.

5. Morton Arboretum

Morton Arboretum is set over 1700 acres and is a world-class facility in Illinois. There are paved routes for driving or cycling as well as hiking trails for the hikers. There is a maze, ground cover garden and a fragrance garden in Morton Arboretum. For those with children, there is a children’s garden to explore. People of all ages can enjoy educational programming. You are to come across some of the best wilderness trails in the state and interesting flora and fauna.

The above is not an exhaustive list of nature places in Illinois as there is still a lot more to the state. There are breathtaking parks and historical sites that are worth visiting. Illinois is also a major sports and cultural center, surrounded by natural resources, and agricultural productivity. Some other options to explore are Chicago Botanic Garden, Cave-in-Rock, Matthiessen State Park, Mississippi Palisades State Park, Cache River Natural Area and Garden of the Gods. Explore those excellent nature spots and look forward to an unforgettable experience hike. – USA TRAVEL LIGHT


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