Top 5 Nature Places To Visit near New York City

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Top 5 Nature Places To Visit near New York City | Being in the New York City and surrounded by those tall skyscrapers need not mean that you are now completely in an urban jungle and far away from nature. If you are over with all those fantastic things to do in NYC and are looking for some respite in nature, well you need not get anxious or travel far.

There is good news for all those outdoor adventurers who look forward to mountain hikes and dying to hit the road. There are some popular nature spots within the city such as Botanical Garden, Central Park. Prospect Park and some more where one can enjoy nature walks. However, there is a lot more to do and explore around the New York City. For example, there are boroughs nearby that can be explored or the wildlife sanctuaries and the mountains that are just minutes’ drive away from the New York City.

1. Bear Mountain

Tourists and visitors can escape from the city madness and head towards the Bear Mountain, which are just 15 minutes away! Bear Mountains rise on the west bank of the Hudson River and offers some perfect hiking and biking trails. There are some great spots for picnic, swimming and river fishing.

2. New Hope

The unhurried and unassuming New Hope, resplendent with indie boutiques and seasonal-focused eateries is simply amazing places to be at. Different quaint spots take you back in the lap of nature. You can rent a bike to cruise down the Delaware Canal towpath and go through stunning woodlands and hundreds of species of native plants.

3. Breakneck Ridge

Breakneck Ridge one of those beautiful spots that are just an hour north of the city. The ridge is simply amazingly beautiful in all seasons. Everybody loves to hike on the trail that goes around a mountain on the Hudson River. You get some stunning views of nature around and will simply love that cold mountain air.

4. Cold Spring

Cold Spring is another popular place to go to for the nature lovers. September or October is the right time when the Hudson Valley leaves are beginning to change escolars. Watch the beautiful landscape along the Hudson River as you take the Metro North to the Cold Spring. The cute small town comes with a rich history and boasts of great restaurants.

5. Staten Island Greenbelt

For those who don’t want to leave the NY city and still want to be close to nature, they can head for Staten Island Greenbelt which is known to be made of the biggest collection of trails, wetlands, wooded areas and public parks. You will find plenty of wildlife here: birds, deer, chipmunks, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish.

The best part about New York City is that it is a fantastic tourist destination with loads of options for the holidaymakers of every kind. There are some amazing nature parks and reserves along the Hudson River. You can find yourself in the middle of nature within an hour of leaving NYC. – USA TRAVEL LIGHT


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