Secret Places in Grand Canyon That Many Not Known

| April 3, 2017 | 0 Comments

Secret Places in Grand Canyon That Many Not Known | Grand Canyon is well famous across the world and among the tourists. It is a well familiar landscape with many. After all, it is hard to miss those red-gold hues of the dramatic landscape that stretches for miles and miles along the Colorado River. There is no denying that this is one of the most beautiful spots on the face of this Earth. Grand Canyon National Park leaves each and every visitor in awe and wonder. One may have travailed to the Grand Canyon several times, and yet, they find a new adventure and experience awaiting them here. Read on to learn about those secret spots and venues in Grand Canyon that most are not aware of.

Head towards the House Rock Valley and House Rock Wildlife Area, where there are fewer dirt tracks. Just jog to the north of the Grand Canyon, and go through Marble Canyon after turning from the East Rim. You will find Marble Viewpoint below this point, and the House Rock area lies between the canyon and you at this point. The remote area is simply gorgeous, and it ‘s hard to ignore the pristine clean scenery. It is like being on some other planet. Marble Viewpoint is an experience in itself and difficult to explain. The narrow finger of land juts out to the north and drop-offs to a couple of thousand feet along the edges and leads to the Kaibab Plateau.

If you are fond of camping, then a good option is to reach the South Kaibab Trail that will lead to the Bright Angel Campground. There is a Clear Creek Trail that will go into the deep tributary canyon and reach a lonely Clear Creek. However, the Clear Creek camping zone might get crowded during the peak season. You can head down canyon to the Colorado River or hike towards the Cheyava Falls that shoot straight out of the Redwall layer on the North Rim of the canyon. Spend the night at Bright Angel Campground and climb the Bright Angel Trail, which is more shaded and reach the South Rim.

Another off the beat trial is the Spencer Trail, which is a bit steep but will take you to the historic Lee’s Ferry area. The view grows magnificent as you go higher up the trail. And it will take you just about an hour to reach the top. The best part is that there are plenty of stops on the way to rest and catch your breath. Watch the snaking Colorado River glinting like a green emerald through the limestone rock walls. Lee’s Ferry is a great base for exploring the terrain, and it will amaze you because of its unique geography. Historically, it served as an important river crossing from both sides. The Lodge will supply everything, and the lodgings are very homely and comfortable. There are even a small grocery and angling shop and a restaurant that serves delicious meals throughout the day.

There are no fixed ways to explore Grand Canyon as there is so much to it and there is a different character to experience in its various spots. – USA TRAVEL LIGHT