Top 5 Amazing Nature Places in Illinois

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Top 5 Amazing Nature Places in Illinois | Illinois is famous for many reasons. After all, the state boasts of an amazing history as well as impressive natural wonders. Some of those nature spots in Illinois will make one wonder if they are really awake or in a dreamland. You will come across some of the most vibrant and unique natural surroundings here in the state. It could be historic structures, flooded forests, waterfalls, flooded and much more. Why not browse for some of the most popular scenic spots in Illinois?

1. Burden Falls

The Burden Falls make for the most beautiful sight in America. Located in Pope County, they may be very small when compared to other bigger and great waterfalls of the country, nevertheless, the 20-foot waterfall is the tallest in the state. Explore the wilderness around end enjoy bird watching, hunting, and fishing. There are several hiking trails through the forest and enjoy a captivating experience.

2. Rockford

Rockford is often ignored, but the third largest city is worth a visit. After all, it is filled and surrounded by nature. The Anderson Japanese Gardens and farm-to-table restaurant are a must visit. Do not miss the chance to experience the city’s history and make a visit to the Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens as well as the Midway Village Museum.

3. Shawnee National Forest

Shawnee National Forest is spread across 280,000 acres of wilderness. The national forest contains an ample amount of attractions, and there are attractions Landmarks, sites and ecological areas listed in the forest. You will come across more than eighty additional natural areas, botanical areas and geological areas.

4. Starved Rock State Park

Starved Rock State Park is a must-visit, especially for the nature lovers. It is certainly one of the most unique natural destinations. Explore the park which is home to canyons, hiking trails, sandstone overhangs, waterfalls, and bluffs. The abundance of wildlife will keep you captivated. Camping is available, and you can look forward to a wonderful weekend getaway in the Rock State Park.

5. Morton Arboretum

Morton Arboretum is set over 1700 acres and is a world-class facility in Illinois. There are paved routes for driving or cycling as well as hiking trails for the hikers. There is a maze, ground cover garden and a fragrance garden in Morton Arboretum. For those with children, there is a children’s garden to explore. People of all ages can enjoy educational programming. You are to come across some of the best wilderness trails in the state and interesting flora and fauna.

The above is not an exhaustive list of nature places in Illinois as there is still a lot more to the state. There are breathtaking parks and historical sites that are worth visiting. Illinois is also a major sports and cultural center, surrounded by natural resources, and agricultural productivity. Some other options to explore are Chicago Botanic Garden, Cave-in-Rock, Matthiessen State Park, Mississippi Palisades State Park, Cache River Natural Area and Garden of the Gods. Explore those excellent nature spots and look forward to an unforgettable experience hike. – USA TRAVEL LIGHT

Best Things to Do at Michigan Lake

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Best Things to Do at Michigan Lake | One of the main attractions of the city Chicago is the enormous and vast ocean-like lake that is located right next to it, the Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan beaches are simply awesome, and there is a lot more to do and see here. Those fun-filled activities are just perfect for you and your whole family. You can hike on the shores of the lake, or jump into its waves.

Here is a list of some of the best things to do and enjoy near the Michigan Lake.

1. Enjoy the Stand Up Paddle Board

Well, you are guaranteed to fall in the icy cold water, but it is loads of fun on the standup paddle boarding. This is not only a unique way to tour the beaches of Chicago but an awesome workout for the whole body.

2. The Singing Sands of Indiana Dunes

The sands around Lake Michigan make a unique sound when you walk on them. It is really a fun experience as you take your shoes off and listen to the singing sands when you walk on them. You can hike on the beaches, trails and sand dunes of Lake Michigan and enjoy a wonderful time.

3. Fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday night

Watch the amazing fireworks display by Chicago’s Navy Pier. But, you need to be there on Wednesday and Saturday night. The fireworks are visible from afar but if you want a closer took, head to Navy Pier.

4. Rent a Boat

Most holidaymakers escape to the middle of the lake on a boat. There’s a sizeable portion of the lake which is dedicated for boats to anchor and is called the playpen. You will come across more than fifty boasts on a busy weekend. Go for a boat rental company that provides service with a driver.

5. Rent Bikes

Biking is the right way to explore the shoreline of the lake. All you need to do is rent bikes which are super easy, as there are plenty of Divvy stations all along the lake front. Just keep in mind that there are half hour charges and the costs go up by an additional dollar every other half an hour.

6. Dinner Cruise for a Romantic Date

Brose for the leading cruise services and go on a Dinner Cruise. You will simply love the beautiful skyline at night along the shore of Chicago. This is a great idea for the couple and even for the whole family to spend quality time on the lake.

7. Rent Jet Skis

Those who want to experience the lake in a faster way, they can opt for Jet skis that can be hired on Lake Michigan. Enjoy some fun filled time for a full half hour and if you still haven’t had enough, extend the time.

Keep exploring the nearby zones around the Lake Michigan. There are some great and, affordable campsites, in case you are interested in sleeping under the stars. You can also opt for cozy inns with cottage style rooms. – USA TRAVEL LIGHT

7 Best Selfie Spots at Chicago

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7 Best Selfie Spots at Chicago | Chicago is a very lively city and immensely popular among the local and international tourists. One comes across hip neighborhoods and lofty skyscrapers in the city that has it all. The best part is that there are diverse locations with an interesting background that work as the perfect spot for taking a selfie. You will find your creative selfie inspirations at their height as you move across the city with its unique landscape. This is the time to make everyone back home jealous and shoot yourself at the perfect selfie destinations.

Here are some of the best picks for that perfect selfie destinations. Just take out your selfie sticks, and head to these amazing locations for the best photos.

1. ‘The Bean’

The Bean” at Millennium Park is one of the most distinctive attractions of Chicago, Also known as the Cloud Gate, the massive, mirrored sculpture is called Bean because of its shape. The Bean reflects city views on all its sides. This is just the right spot to take a selfie and get a unique, skyline photo.

2. Agora

It is amazing to see an art installation made of 106 pairs of legs. Just stand anywhere in-between and click a selfie. Designed by Magdalena Abakanowicz, a Polish artist, those tall nine-foot sculptures can certainly inspire some creative shots for your selfie.

3. Navy Pier

Get gorgeous aerial views of the city on the Navy Pier Ferris, and this is something that everyone needs to do when in Chicago. As the ride moves very slowly, you get plenty of time to get creative with your selfie. Right at the top of the Navy Pier, you get another great view of Chi City.

4. Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium carries the oldest living fish in an aquarium in the world. Some of them are more than 100+ years old, and you should certainly watch out for the lungfish. Capture yourself along with those aquatic creatures and let everyone at home share the experience.

5. Leaning Tower of Niles

Located in the suburb of Niles, this is a replica of the Pisa tower of Italy. Designed way back in 1934, it is about half the size of the original but keeps everyone lured and gathering here for taking pictures and selfies.

6. Lake Michigan

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and head towards North Avenue Beach, and Lake Michigan. Those white sand and beach volleyball are the just perfect way of relaxing and enjoying some cool time alone or with your loved ones. Just rent a boat to get out on the lake and get the full effect of the City by the Lake and take some nice selfies.

7. John Hancock Center

John Hancock Center is one of the most iconic buildings of Chicago, and the aim of every tourist is to visit the 360 Chicago Observatory Deck. At its top. This is the place from where you can get the best panoramic views of the city and of course, the perfect selfies. USA TRAVEL LIGHT

7 Things Kids Will Love at Chicago

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7 Things Kids Will Love at Chicago | Chicago is indeed on of the greatest city in the world and most popular among the tourists. The recent years have seen a record visitation number in millions! After all, there is so much to do and see here. Things can be lot more fun, especially if you are traveling with your family and kids. Chicago provides amazing adventures for the whole family. In case you are planning to visit Chicago in the near future with your family, why not have a look at some of the fun things to do with your children?

There are plenty of kid-friendly places and fun events among those towering skyscrapers and jam-packed streets in Chicago. Here are the best seven picks for your list:

1. The Field Museum

This is the only Chicago museum that includes natural science and culture both. Watch your children stand in amazement as they see life-sized dioramas of the earth before dinosaurs or view authentic animal specimens through magnifying glasses. They’ll feel like real scientists after a trip to the Field Museum.

2. Emerald City Theatre

Emerald City Theatre boasts of great theater productions, especially for the kids. Just check out the schedule and learn about the ongoing performances that are sure to delight the young ones as they see their favorite storybooks coming alive in classic musicals and original plays.

3. The Shedd Aquarium

See the fishes in the Shedd Aquarium that boasts of more than 500 species and 32,000 animals. Do not miss the aquatic show with dolphins, sea otters, and whales or the seasonal stingray exhibit. Get online tickets for the “total experience pass, ” and entry is free for younger kids.

4. Judy Istok Butterfly Haven

Watch the butterflies in the Judy Istok Butterfly Haven, and here you will come across butterflies from all over the world, Watch them fluttering freely amongst flowers and small ponds. Be there at sharp 2:00 p.m. to not to miss the new butterflies getting released.

5. Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

Ride on a Ferris Wheel and take a spin on the iconic Wheel, which is very close to the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, and Children’s Museum. Watch the city from birds; eyes view along with your children.

6. Lincoln Park Zoo

Take your kids on a mini-safari in the Lincoln Park Zoo. They can watch lions and tigers roaming the zoo or listen to birds in the tropical rainforest. Visit the numerous primate rooms, to get closer to nature and its animals. Families with children ages 5-12 can camp out at the zoo overnight and can see those animals in the late hours.

7. Millennium Park

Stroll through the Millennium Park and let your kids do whatever they want. Watch then splash in the fountains or go for ice skating. Get a breather here and take some rest as you plan your next adventure in Chicago.

Chicago is the place to be for parents and kids as the city is full of fun spots. Enjoy some great food venues and spend quality time with your family! – USA TRAVEL LIGHT