Top 5 Best Selfie Spots at Rocky Mountain

| April 5, 2017 | 0 Comments

Top 5 Best Selfie Spots at Rocky Mountain | Capturing a great selfie and uploading it on Instagram or Twitter is the dream of many holidaymakers. After all, you want the whole world to know about the fabulous time you are having and share memories with your loved ones. The Rocky Mountains are known to boast of some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world. There are crystal clear waters of its many lakes and those majestic mountains towering high over you. Why not take a selfie shot with an ideal location as the backdrop to show off the destination and your smile?

The Rocky Mountains are filled with amazing nature and fantastic locations. You could simply wander off in any direction to reach a “wow” spot.

1. Alberta Falls

Travel to the Alberta Falls, during n May and June when the 30-foot gusher is most impressive. Enjoy the cooling mist throughout the summer and fall and take a selfie against the Alberta Falls. Your holiday would be incomplete without a quick selfie at one of the most photographed spots in the Rocky Mountains.

2. Moraine Park

Moraine Park is simply breath-taking. Gaze at those glacier-hewn peaks surrounding the park and before you get lost in the wonders of nature, take a selfie. Capture the magical moment in your camera and create a lifetime memory. The Thompson River glitters in the light at sunrise, and the mountains gleam under the morning sun.

3. Longs Peak

Hike up towards the Longs Peak to get amazing views of cliffs from Chasm Lake. The four-mile hike is simply worth it and you are guaranteed some stunning views as backdrops for your selfie. Make a memory to remember as you capture yourself on camera during those special moments on Longs Peak.

4. Trail Ridge Road

The 48-mile route of the Trail Ridge Road crosses the Continental Divide and scales treeless peaks in between. Needless to say, there would be several excellent spots on the way that would just be perfect for a selfie. The road is one of the most sought-after selfie spots among the Rocky Mountains. Start the day along Trail Ridge Road with a good breakfast and get ready to take some stunning shots on the way.

5. Odessa Lake

Odessa Lake is arguably one of the most splendid lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park. However, you need to complete a 9.5-mile hike, and it is best to arrive with a permit for backcountry camping on the shores of the lake. Look around you, and you will find yourself surrounded with some of the most stunning natural vistas.

As mentioned before, Rocky Mountains are a giant outdoor playground, and thus there are many more spots and hiking trails to explore. No wonder, the mountains draw hundreds and thousands of tourists and local all year round. The right time to visit is during the summer and throughout September. You can simply sit still and be one with nature. Don’t plan anything and just absorb the experience. You may never know, but there are plenty of options of perfect selfies during the entire trip. – USA TRAVEL LIGHT