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Top 5 Road Trip USA from East to West

| April 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

Top 5 Road Trip USA from East to West | American highways are known to celebrate the American ideal of freedom, what with those never ending roads under the vast open skies. In fact, there are pop songs and soundtracks that celebrate the highways of the US.

On this page, you will discover road trips and destinations from East to West that celebrate the sprite of adventure and what makes the land of America so beautiful. So, it is time you start planning your next cross country trip and can pick from any of the following listed routes for a great experience.

1. Lincoln Highway

Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental highway that opened in 1913 in the U.S. One can start from Times Square and hit San Francisco, after traveling over 3,000 miles. The historic Lincoln Highway played a major role during the evolution of highways. Venture on this Highway and take one of those National Scenic Byways to explore all that the road trip has to offer.

2. Route 66

Run between Chicago and Los Angeles and cover two thousand miles all the way on this legendary route that will take you through the heart of the United States. You get to see some of the most archetypal roadside scenes on the way and are sure to come across the most archetypal roadside scenes in the country. Hit the Route 66 if looking for great displays of neon signs and middle-of-nowhere truck stops on the way.

3. Trans-America Trail

Take the westbound trail that starts in Southwestern North Carolina and will end at the Pacific Ocean in southwestern Oregon. Well, you cover a whopping 5,000 miles on the way. You can drive in your car or hop on your motorcycle. See some great sights on the way and meet great people as well as enjoy some great food.

4. Cross Country Road Trip from NYC to SF

The Cross Country trip will take you through the most varied cultural and physical landscapes than any other cross-country route. You can cover the trip in six days and travel about 6 to 8 hours each day. The trip can be long but is worth it as you get shifted from one state to another and can feel variations in customs and cultures.

5. From South Carolina to San Diego

You would be driving a distance of more than 2,000 miles. Start the trip from South Carolina and end it in the state of San Diego. The scenic road trip will take you on Highway 80 and go from Savannah to San Diego, CA.

Make the right plans for your getaways on those long road trips. After all, you need to be safe as well as enjoy the trip. You could be traveling alone, with your family or even children. However, it is advisable to avoid taking very young children on longer road trips. You can look forward some great destinations on those road trips from East to West. Hunt for special tours and routes for families, getaways, and outdoor enthusiasts. – USA TRAVEL LIGHT