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Best Nature Places to Visit near Hoover Dam

| April 2, 2017 | 0 Comments

Best Nature Places to Visit near Hoover Dam | Hoover Dam is one of the great engineering marvels of the world. Completed in 1935, the massive structure links Arizona and Nevada and crosses the Colorado River. The Dam locks in the Lake Mead, which is the largest artificial lake in the country. The Dam is about 45 minutes from the Las Vegas city.

There is plenty of nature around the dam, where one can go and explore a Recreational experience or fun filled activities. One can enjoy guided tours of the power plant at the dam.

The Lake Mead National Recreation is spread across a 1.5 million acres and includes 700 miles of shoreline of the lake. This is just the right spot for all those looking for hiking, kayaking, and canoeing. Rent boats by the hour or one can take a cruise on the Desert Princess. There are spectacular scenes around the lake and desert. One can take a sidewalk to reach the top and enjoy a great view of the state border, as they stand with one foot in Arizona and the other in Nevada. Get some great food and lots of water along to enjoy a great picnic.

Another popular spot for camping is the Valley of Fire State Park, which is about an hour away from the Hoover Dam. The colorful sandstone formations offer stunning views of old petroglyphs from the Ancient Pueblo that are more than 3,000-year-old. Take any of those roads, such as the White Domes Road that takes you past Rainbow Vista. When you reach Rainbow Vista, take a moderate loop hike to White Domes to get close to the striations of rock. There is a slot canyon with many different colors on the walls.

Just close to the Hoover Dam is the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, where the stunning desert landscape stretching across 196,000 acres will simply leave you awestruck. Join hundreds of other rock climbers from all over the world. Take any of those many trails and find one suitable according to your expertise, as you might be a novice or an expert. Many climbers like to take a 13-mile loop through the park to enjoy a real workout.

Do not miss the Keystone Thrust Fault, which is an impressive sight and made by a fracture in the earth’s crust. See how the gray carbonate rocks from the ancient oceans have been pushed over the newer layers of the red sandstone. If you are lucky, you might find wildlife such as burros, foxes, sheep as well as interesting vegetation such as black brush and Joshua trees.

Hoover Dam is like an oasis in the middle of the desert and is a favorite playground for boating and swimming. Take one of those Lake Mead Cruises or go in a large paddle-wheeled boats that run all year round. Explore the seasonal waterfall oases, sandstone bluffs or the desert hiking trails around the area surrounding the Hoover Dam. This is a great way to enjoy nature with your family and friends. – USA TRAVEL LIGHT