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Top 5 Amazing Restaurant at Manhattan Beach

| March 30, 2017 | 0 Comments

Top 5 Amazing Restaurant at Manhattan Beach | As you walk into the Manhattan Beach, you will be struck by the beauty of the whole place. The sleepy beach town might get overcrowded at times, but there is never a dull moment here because of the busier northern neighbors as well as the diverse options of some great choices in eateries.

Manhattan Beach has been named as America’s best beach at times, and one of the reason is the culinary success of the area. Read about some of the most amazing restaurants that are fast developing as the “foodie magnets” in the area.

1. Be at Little Sister with your date

The Asian-inspired restaurant, Little Sister, is sure to impress you with those stencilled butterflies coated on a splotchy gray wall and paintings of grenades. Next, you will simply get floored by the most creative dishes in the South Bay. Try the scallops that are fried and tossed with shrimp in a Malaysian curry. Spoon them over a red cargo rice for that perfect bite. Or, enjoy Beef tartare with a quail egg trembling. Make your reservations early, or you will be left waiting!

2. Love & Salt for the Best Pizza

For all those who just can’t have enough of pizza, Love & Salt is the palace to go to. A big favorite is the duck egg pizza. The restaurant makes its own dough and brushes it with olive oil and sea salt before tossing it into their almond wood oven. Enjoy that perfectly crisp, tasty crust in your pizza!

3. Enjoy the Best Brunch at Manhattan Beach Post

The farm-to-table modern restaurant opened in 2011 and is best known for its pancakes. You will love having your brunch in this upscale, but a relaxed restaurant. Do order those brussels sprouts and the skirt steak or the cheddar bacon biscuits. You will simply love the weekend brunch situation.

4. Fishing with Dynamite for best seafood

It is only at Fishing with Dynamite that you will get some of the most succulent seafood at Manhattan Beach. Explore their inventive dishes such as the tender octopus or the still-kicking shellfish with their flavour-packed creamy Koshihikari rice. Pretzel and chocolate bread pudding. Is a must try.

5. Manhattan Beach Creamery for ice creams

For those wanting to end their day on a sweet note, Manhattan Beach Creamery is the place to be at. Here, you can choose from 28 different flavors, made from 14% butterfat. You will simply love the extra-rich and dense ice cream.

Manhattan Beach is very unlike other beaches where one is stuck with a crumbled bag of chips or soggy sandwiches. Here, you will find a great diversity in cuisine and culinary options that allow you to try something extraordinary every time you visit the beach. The best part is that the menu at those restaurants changes frequently, but the quality and diversity always remains the same. Head for any of those above-mentioned spots for a true dining destination and an excellent culinary experience. – USA TRAVEL LIGHT